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Helen wins GOLD!

Helen's story.

At the age of 60 I took a hard look at myself and was not happy with what I found!! Out of shape and overweight that was me. The only person who could change that was me! OK I thought – more exercise combined with a more healthy diet might be the way to go. Ah ha a running club in Newcastle Emlyn. No probably not, ’running club’ conjures up the image of lean, fit, toned, fast, lithe individuals - not quite me!! I thought let’s give it a try. One Thursday night turned up to the leisure centre, ready to shuffle along. Scared and nervous that it would not be for me and I would end up miles from anywhere, on my own as those young fit people would have raced off and left me. Was I wrong!! I was made to feel welcome. Was told that of course no one would leave me behind. If I need to walk then I should walk, do as much or as little as I felt I could do.

Over the course of the next few years, with the guidance of club members, I learnt how to pace myself, run downhill (scary), the importance of speed work, resting, injury prevention, the benefits of hill running (I love them now). I joined runs in the dark with a head torch, sprint training, speed training. It is a lovely club that welcome all ages and abilities.

Now at the age of 70 I have represented Wales in the 1500 metre track championships and brought back gold. Running has become an addiction and it all started with that first step on a Thursday night.

Come and join the club, you won’t regret it, you might just find that you can do so much more than you ever dreamed could.

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