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Why join Emlyn Runners?

Running is a great way to have time out and get away from it all, but most people would prefer to have someone to run with from time to time. Emlyn Runners offer a great way to hook up with other runners to go on a group run. Also a great way to find running partners that you can meet up with outside of club sessions. Great source of info. In club, you'll be able to find out where to find the best physio or masseur in the area, where to buy quality running gear at a good price, and where to find good off-road routes and much more. Race dates for local races. Make maximum use of those in the know at the club.Coaching Advice. Everyone can do with some coaching advice. Tips about technique can be invaluable. If you are planning on entering a race, our coach or trainer can advise you on a schedule or training plan for that event. The coaching is a combination of encouragement and teaching good technique. You’ll be learning all of this at a crucial stage of your running development – and it soon becomes a habit.It's worth making contact first and then coming along to a free session before committing. This will give you an idea if Emlyn Runners is for you we are road-running friendly and also enjoy local events.Everyone's welcome. Lots of people think it’ just elites that join running clubs - I thought the same myself. Then they see the coaches and run leaders - who are normal people of all shapes and sizes, just a bit fitter – and realise that’s not the case at all. I admit, I often go for a run after a stressful day - and I feel better afterwards for it. Running 3 to 4 times per week not only burns off anxiety, studies also credit hitting the pavement with reduced high blood pressure risk and lowering existing hypertension rates quite quickly and safely. Just be sure to consult with your doctor before taking up running.

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